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Discover in-lite

Garden lighting, do you want 1 or 2 gardens?

Do you also want an extra garden just to enjoy? Consider the external lighting from in-lite. Because why would you not enjoy your garden when it is dark outside? In Lite is a beautiful and flexible system that you can easily, quickly and safely install yourself and it doubles your garden pleasure! Unhide your garden with in-lite garden lighting.


Outdoor lighting from in-lite at any desired location in your garden

Thanks to the patented Easy Lock system, you can connect any in-lite fixture at any desired location to the special in-lite garden lighting groundcable. Expanding later is also easy to do yourself with this system. This way you have the option to adjust your garden lighting to your wishes and budget. In-lite garden lighting fixtures made of aluminum or stainless steel and the most modern LED technology give your garden the appearance it deserves. An additional advantage is that uninvited guests would rather avoid your garden.


Dutch design, easy install, 5 year warranty, energy efficient and safe

With the new HUB transformers, special in-lite ground cable and In Lite fixtures you can buy a modern, reliable garden lighting system that looks beautiful both during the day and in the dark. All in-lite HUB transformers are equipped with light / dark sensors and / or MOVE motion sensors. An in-lite SMART HUB 150 is also available that you can easily operate with your smartphone if desired. This way you always have complete control within reach of your in-lite outdoor lighting system.


Gardenlightsstore.com, your online specialist for in-lite outdoor lighting

In-lite garden lighting is very well known among gardeners. The reason for this is simple, a gardener wants to work as much as possible with materials that she knows will last a long time and give the least possible chance of malfunctions. In-lite is convinced of its products, a 5-year factory warranty is proof of that. We deliver easy and fast in-lite garden lighting to the business garden sector but of course also to the DIY garden lover. See what light can do, in-lite !

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