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Suslight system installation

Do you like sustainable, natural and an attractive garden? Suslight 24-volt lighting is the way to light up your garden. You can relax in your own garden, even when it gets dark on summer evenings. Thanks to pleasant light colors, stylish fixtures and a safe system.  Suslight lighting is a good choice. But what exactly does this system maintain and why do you choose Suslight outdoor lights and why don't you choose another fixture? We are happy to explain.

What is the Suslight system?

The 24V Suslight system consists of Suslight ground cables, Suslight transformers and Suslight connector. The plus points of the 24V Quick-Safe Connect System are the larger voltage range, lower voltage losses and the large distance that can be covered without a heavy transformer. This system is very safe, stable and reliable. Thanks to Plug & Play (male-female connection), the entire system is 100% pluggable and compatible with each other and all LED Suslight fixtures. There is no chance of connecting the system incorrectly or vice versa. This makes installing the complete system quite easy. It is also possible to expand the garden lighting quickly and easily. We will explain to you how to connect Suslight garden lighting within 6 steps on this page. We will first explain what the Suslight System is used for to give you a better idea of this system.

Benefits of Suslight 24-volt garden lighting 

Suslight stands out from other garden lighting brands with its 24-volt system. Other suppliers often use 12 volts. With an eye for energy efficiency and innovation, a conscious decision was made to use 24 volt low voltage. The advantages of Suslight 24 volt are:

✔ Plug & Play garden lighting: easy to use;

✔ Safe: also for children and animals;

✔ 70,000 burning hours: high expected lifetime;

✔ Sustainable products: energy-efficient and recyclable materials;

✔ Cable length up to 300 meters: less voltage loss;

✔ 5-year warranty; ensures years of light enjoyment.

Suslight garden lighting 24 volts: Plug & Play

Do you want to install your own garden lighting? You can do this easily with Suslight's Plug & Play lighting system. Connecting outdoor fixtures is safe and simple. The high voltage is converted to low voltage with a transformer and then transported to your favorite fittings via a ground cable. Connect all your favorite Suslight fixtures to your system: wall lightsground spotsoutdoor spots or bollards. There are always fixtures that will suit your taste and needs with a natural or modern look. 

Where do I need a Suslight ground cable for?

Every fixture needs to be supplied with power. The Suslight ground cable distributes power to the fixtures. You plug one end of the ground cable into the fixture and, depending on the location, plug the other end into the connector (for making branches), transformer or fixture. The Suslight ground cable is available in 1 type m12 2-core with 5 fixed cable lengths of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 meters. The 24V Quick-Safe Connect System allows the Suslight garden lighting to be connected up to 300 meters.

>Where do I use a Suslight connector for?

Use the Suslight connector in combination with the ground cable to make branches. Plug the connector into the ground cable and place the fixtures in any location in the garden.

The ground cable distributes power via Suslight transformer as evenly as possible with the right amount to each fixture you place in the garden.

Which Suslight transformer do I need?

With low-voltage lighting, the high voltage (230V) is reduced to a lower voltage 24 Volt by means of a transformer. You first determine how many watts your Suslight transformer can hold. Add up the total wattage of the fixtures and check the VA value on the Suslight transformer. We recommend using only 90% of the available wattage for low-voltage lighting. This will prevent overloading the transformer. Use one of the Suslight 52-watt and 100-watt transformers for your Suslight garden lighting. The Suslight 52-watt transformer has a maximum load of 42 watts. The 100-watt transformer has a maximum load of 80 watts. Choose the appropriate transformer for your garden to avoid flickering or not lighting your garden lights.

Create a lighting plan for Suslight garden lighting

It is wise to make a lighting plan so you are prepared. You can indicate where your lighting will be placed and where the ground cables and transformer should go. Sketch your garden and then fill in the required fixtures. Don't forget to consider orientation lighting for your safety and mood lighting for a cosy feeling. As a garden lighting specialists, we are happy to help you draw up a lighting plan. You can read here how to make a lighting plan in 5 steps. Would you like some personal advice? Contact us and we will be happy to help! 

Connecting your Suslight garden lighting within 6 steps

It's time to connect Suslight garden lights now that you know what the Suslight System is and where you can use it for. The process of installing garden lighting starts with preparation. You create a lighting design, sketch the picture and take into account the area to be lit, plants, trees, shrubs or objects. Also draw the cables before you start digging. You can install and connect Suslight garden lighting yourself within a few hours.

Step 1: Safety first, voltage off

Is the preparation done? It's now time to start installing the garden lighting. You can install Suslight garden lighting yourself within a few hours. You start by turning off the power. Do you still have old fixtures hanging around? Remove these before installing the new ones.

<3>Step 2: Laying the ground cable

Place the fixtures on the ground in the desired location according to your lighting design. Keep a distance between the fixtures and then unroll the coil of cable and lay it next to the fixtures. Are there any obstacles such as plants, trees, fences or other objects? You can thread the cable underneath or around them.

Step 3: putting the ground cables in the ground

Use a shovel to handle the ground cables. Are you going to install 24V Suslight garden lights? Then you don't need to dig 60 cm deep in the ground. These lights feature the 24V Quick-Safe Connect System which is very safe, stable and reliable. There is also no risk of shock and it is safe for children and animals. You should take into account places where there is a risk for possible cable damage. You can work these cables deeper into the ground or use a tube for protection. Are you going to install 230V Suslight garden lights? This should be connected by a qualified professional. The professional must bury the ground cable deeper in to the ground with 230v. Place the cable in the hole and push it down. Do not use any tools for this to avoid a break in the cable.

Step 4: Connecting the Suslight ground cable to the transformer

One side of the transformer is fitted with a euro plug. The other side is fitted with a female connector. Plug the ground cable directly into the transformer and place the transformer horizontally. The transformers can also be used outdoors thanks to the IP65 protection.

Step 5: Connecting the ground cable to Suslight garden lights

You can connect each Suslight garden light to the ground cable or use Suslight connectors to make branching connections as a following step. Process the connectors properly, for a completely waterproof connection, twist them as strongly as possible and always mount the transformer horizontally. Make sure there is sufficient stretch in the cables and never process tightly pulled cables.

Step 6: Testing before incorporation

The last step is to test the installed fixtures before you start to incorporate all cables. It will be easier to fix or adjust a problem. Switch on the power. The fixtures are connected and should light. Does a fixture not work? Most common problems when installing low-voltage lighting are: overloading, poor cable connections and cables that are too small. Also check the connectors to make sure they are properly connected. You can incorporate the cables and place or screw the fixtures into the ground once the fixtures are lit and working.

We will help you with Suslight outdoor lighting

Do you want Suslight outdoor lighting in your garden? You are choosing sustainable development and high quality. You may still have some questions about the best lighting that suits your garden. How many lights do I need? Where do I choose orientation lighting and where do I want mood lighting? We like to think along with you as an online garden lighting specialist. Send us a message by chat or mail and we'll look to advice you with your garden. Experience yourself what lighting can do for your garden.

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