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Outdoor spotlights

Are you looking for outdoor spotlights for your garden? It is essential for lighting around your home. Placing spotlights outside is ideal as orientation lighting and you also scare off uninvited guests. Outdoor spotlights are not only a solution to illuminate your garden, but also give your garden even more atmosphere in the dark. You also let your garden shine in the dark. You have come to the right place at Gardenlightsstore.com for this.

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Thanks to the wide range of garden spotlights from Gardenlightsstore.com you will always find the right outdoor spotlight suiting your garden. Stylishly illuminate your terrace, veranda, high and low plants, pond and more. You can even place outdoor spotlights on the wall or at a fence. You can also illuminate your driveway or garden paths with a garden spotlight. The outdoor fixtures at our web shop use a 12-volt or 24-volt low-voltage system. This makes it safe and easy to use. Give your garden the look it deserves with lighting.

An outdoor spotlight for every garden

A garden is a place of relaxation and comfort with the right lighting. Outdoor lighting also makes your garden come to life in the dark. You can alternate smaller garden spots and more powerful outdoor spots to create impressive light images. You can put your large static garden objects, such as trees and statues, in the spotlight with the in-lite outdoor spotlight BIG Scope or Suslight Calla. You can also use outdoor spotlights to illuminate trees. With smaller outdoor spotlights, such as the in-lite Mini Scope, you provide subtle mood lighting and create a safe feeling on your terrace. Where can you use an outdoor spotlight?

  • Your terrace (atmosphere);
  • Your driveway and garden path lighting (orientation);
  • Between plants (appearance);
  • Important garden elements, such as your pergola or pond.

Are you looking for a garden spot for your pond? The in-lite SUB can both be placed under water to illuminate your pond. You can also enjoy the water or your fish later in the day in this way. The protection class of IP68 makes it possible to put them under water up to half a meter. Various fixtures are available in several versions, such as size and color! Did you know that you can also use an outdoor spotlight as lighting for your garden house? Experience what lighting can do to your garden.

Garden spotlights in your style and taste

We know how important a well-lit and attractive garden is. That is why we select the best and stylish lighting for you. Our different brands of fixtures all have a unique quality that will make your garden shine in the dark. Our outdoor spotlights will give your garden a refreshing look and are available in several versions. The in-lite outdoor spots  will give your garden a stylish and unique character, partly due to the special fixtures, such as the popular in-lite SCOPE series. Also get to know the sustainable Suslight outdoor spotlights. The warm light and matte colors will make every garden a relaxing and comfortable place. You can connect Suslight garden spotlight to a 24-volt system. Both systems use a transformer that makes the power network safe for humans and animals.

Make your garden shine with outdoor spotlights from Gardenlightsstore.com

You will give yourself more time in the garden with outdoor lighting. Enjoy your beautiful patio or favorite plants even when it's dark. It is important to us that you will find the garden spot that suits your taste as a specialist in garden lighting. User-friendliness is our top priority. That is why we have outdoor spotlights that you can easily connect yourself. We also have everything you need to complete your garden lighting set. You can complete the atmosphere in your garden immediately. Fixtures, a ground cable, transformer and accessory; you simply add it to your order. We will bring the atmosphere to your garden. All you have to do is choose your favorite outdoor spot. You also receive a 5-year warranty on your order!

Choose green garden spots: the more sustainable choice

A green garden also includes green lighting. That is why you will find sustainable and energy-efficient outdoor spotlights in our range. All fixtures are equipped with efficient LED technology and will provide a pleasant light, which ensures that you will enjoy a relaxed stay in your garden. The choice of material for the fixtures has also been taken into account for sustainability. Suslight's lighting even takes this one step further. This brand focuses on more sustainable, smarter and environmentally friendly garden lighting. By using recycled sources and a lifespan of approximately 70,000 burning hours, you will make a conscious choice for your outdoor spots.

You can easily install garden spots yourself

A major advantage of outdoor lighting in our range in its user-friendliness. Do you want to install the spots yourself? You don't have to be an electrician to get started. Installing your outdoor spotlights is easy and safe. Our professional lighting systems and LED lighting make it possible to connect your fixture to the light network in no time. You can process the ground cables for your outdoor fixture directly under the paving or conceal garden lighting in the border with just some soil. It is important you will connect an outdoor spot to the products of the same brand for safety and your guarantee. So connect your in-lite smart Scope to a in-lite ground cable and Smart HUB 150. Do you want to install a Suslight Tops garden spot? You need to use Suslight's 24 volt system.

To purchase outdoor spotlights at Gardenlightsstore.com

Do you want to purchase outdoor spotlights? We will help you with this as a specialist in garden lighting. You can turn every garden into a safe and relaxing place with outdoor spotlights. You can also enjoy the outdoors in the evenings in this way. Choose one of the many outdoor spotlights, such as an outdoor spotlight wall and don't forget a transformer to connect your fixtures. You will always find an outdoor spot to give your garden extra atmosphere with different versions and different colors. Order easily and safely at Gardenlightsstore.com It is also possible to pay afterwards! We ensure that your order will be delivered quickly. Do you order before 23:59? We will ship your order immediately or you can choose your desired delivery date. You will soon be able to enjoy outdoor spots in the dark.