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How to install the in-lite system?

Do you want to get more out of your garden? You can arrange this with good garden lighting. You can also enjoy a beautifully atmospherically lit garden in the evening where you can find ultimate relaxation even after dark, thanks to in-lite outdoor lighting. In-lite is a popular brand when it comes to garden lighting. It is easy and safe to use thanks to the 12-volt system. With a wide range, sleek design and different models, you will always find a fixture that will suit your taste. From ground spots to bollards and pendant lights. The fixtures will last for years. But what are the advantages of the in-lite system, what are the possibilities and how do you install it? It will all be explained in this article.

What exactly is an in-lite system?

In-lite garden lighting is part of a system. This means that in-lite fixtures work easily and safely thanks to a 12-volt system. A 12-volt system means that the 230-volt voltage coming from your wall socket is converted into low voltage for your garden lighting. It is a popular way of lighting because you can install it yourself. In-lite chooses innovation in technology and design. The results of this is that it has been a popular garden brand for years. You light up your garden beautifully with sleek and stylish fixtures. The system is flexible: you can choose the fixtures according to your taste and budget and can easily expand this later on! You certainly don't need any technical knowledge to install in-lite garden lighting. The principle is simple, quick to implement and also easy to adjust. The average installation time for a basic system with one or more fixtures is only 20 minutes. It's just a matter of rolling out your cables and connecting the fixtures at the specified locations iff you started of with a lighting plan. Your own system is easy to expand modular by simply splitting and connecting the cables.

What are the benefits of 12-volt outdoor lighting?

As we said before: in-lite is a popular brand. But how does in-lite differ from other garden lighting brands? It is a high-quality brand and provides beautiful light in your garden that you can enjoy for years. It is easy to use as well. We have listed the advantages for you:

✔ Plug & Play. You connect to the low-voltage main cable (12V) in literally no time at all with the special Easy-Lock system. After this the fixtures can be controlled from one place, or switch on and off automatically if desired. You roll out the cable from your transformer, connect a fixture and you're done. The cable can end anywhere, the cables do not have to form a closed system. You lay the cables directly under the paving or cover them in the borders with just a little bit of earth.

✔ Safe in use thanks to 12 Volt low voltage: From the transformer, which is connected to the 230 Volt mains, there is only a low-voltage cable to which all fixtures are connected. This makes the system absolutely safe, even if you damage the cable. A reassuring thought, especially with playing children or digging pets nearby.

✔ Economical LEDs. In-lite's lighting uses economical LED fixtures. This ensures that you can adequately light your garden with little consumption costs in a stylish way. This is better for your wallet as well as the environment.

✔ Expandable. Expanding the in-lite system is easy thanks to the system's structure and smart connectors, such as the Easy Lock.

✔ 5-year warranty. in-lite pays great attention to the technical perfection of all fixtures. That is why you will receive a 5-year warranty on the construction of the fixture and on all LED lighting when you purchase an in-lite system.

Easy in-lite installation in 3 steps

A big advantage of in-lite is that you can install it yourself as we have said before. You don't need an electrician to safely and quickly connect your new outdoor lights. You start by turning off the power. Then you start installing your transformer, the ground cables and finally the fixtures and before you know, you will be enjoying a well-lit garden. Follow these three steps for installing your in-lite lighting.

Step 1: Connecting your transformer; the basis of your in-lite system.

Step 2: Connecting the ground cable; the connection to connect the power to your fixtures.

Step 3: Connecting the fixtures

Connect your favorite spotlights, bollards and wall lights.

Create a lighting plan

It is wise to make a lighting plan in advance. Do you need some help with this? We are happy to help you to prepare your in-lite garden lighting.You can ask us for help or advice for your lighting plan, design, material requirements and more. You have a drawing or design from a garden architect? This will allow us to provide good garden lighting advice straight away.

The in-lite system in a picture

Requirements for the in-lite system

To install in-lite garden lighting. You do not only need beautiful fixtures but you will also need in-lite transformer and an in-lite ground cable. The transformer is the basis of the system. This converts the 230-volt voltage into 12-volt low voltage and applies the voltage to the fixtures via the ground cable. There are also various in-lite accessories available to make your life easier or to get a slightly different light image.

In-lite transformers

Which transformer you need depends on the size of your garden. There are three different 'transformers' available from in-lite. The number behind the transformer indicates the maximum installation value. Add up the Va value of all in-lite fixtures. The total you arrive at determines which transformer you need. You can find the Va value of the fixtures in the specifications. You can load the transformers up to 100% of the total value. We list them from lowest to highest power:

the in-lite HUB 50: suitable for smaller gardens;

the in-lite HUB 100: a powerful transformer;

the in-lite smart HUB 150: transformer with the widest range and suitable for smart garden lighting.

In-lite ground cable

You roll out ain-lite ground cable starting from your transformer. Two different cable types are available for this. The in-lite 14/2 ground cable and the in-lite 10/2 ground cable. Which cable do you need? You can read more about a cable plan here. It is wise to learn about your cables so you don't get any unpleasant surprises. Connecting your ground cable does not have to be complicated. You can install your ground cable yourself in just a few steps. Do you want to install a fixture you cannot reach with the ground cable? In-lite extension cables are the solution for this. They are available in 1, 2 or 3 metres.

Note: it is important that the transformer and ground cable are of the same brand to avoid interference. You are still entitled to your warranty if unexpected problems arise.

In-lite Easy Lock

You use an in-lite Easy Lock to connect your outdoor fixtures. This is a handy connector that allows you to connect your fixture to the ground cable in no time. You do NOT need to order this accessory yourself. It is included with every fixture. You can read more about how the Easy Lock works over here. Do you have problems with your lighting? The Easy Lock may just not have been connected properly. Our garden lighting specialist Jack will explain what to do when your in-lite fixture no longer lights up.

Video: Installing in-lite garden lighting yourself

Jack explains how to install the in-lite system in the video below.

in-lite smart garden lighting

Do you want to get even more out of your garden lighting? Everything in the world is getting smarter. You switch on the heating on your phone, keep an eye on the security cameras ánd turn on the lights before you come home. So why not in your garden as well? The in-lite Smart HUB 150 makes this possible. This transformer allows you to switch your outdoor lights on and off from an app at your (garden) couch whenever you want. you can set routines and scenes in the in-lite app so the lights come on at the times you have set. It is also possible to add smart in-lite lamps that you can set individually and adjust the light color and light intensity yourself. This is possible at your smartphone or tablet! Install your lights, connect the smart HUB to the app on your device and get started. Do you want to know more? Read how it works over here.

We recommend in-lite outdoor lighting

Do you prefer in-lite garden lighting? You will enjoy years of a beautifully lit garden with good quality. You may still have some questions about the best lighting for your garden. How many lights do I need? Where do I choose orientation lights and where do I want mood lights? We would like to help you with a lighting plan as an online garden lighting specialist. Send us a message and we'll look for an advice suiting your garden. Experience for yourself what lighting can do for your garden.

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