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How to install in-lite ground cable?

Installing garden lights to your garden is fun, but it requires good preparing for the best results. Connecting your ground cable is the most important step for installing your garden lights safely. Connecting the fixtures is not hard to do, and you can do this yourself if you know where you should pay attention to. If you still have the question: how do I install my ground cable? We will have the answer for you.

What is the use of a in-lite ground cable?

You can not install your in-lite garden lighting without a ground cable. A ground cable transports an electric current (12 Volt) from a transformer to your garden lighting. By installing this underground, you make it possible to supply your fixtures with power without keeping the cables above the ground. in-lite ground cables can be processed underground and are water resistant.

Where do I connect the ground cable to?

You connect your ground cable to a transformer. in-lite has the following transformers: HUB-50, HUB-100 or a smart HUB-150. The type of transformer depends on your lighting plan. Determine the total power of the fixtures added together (the VA value) and choose the transformer that matches this. Load the transformer with a maximum of 90 percent of its capacity for safety.

Determine the type of cable

There a two kinds of cables available for installing in-lite fixtures: a 14/2 and a 10/2. These numbers indicate the thickness of copper inside the cable. in-lite uses a thick copper core, this has the advantage that the current can flow easily through the cable. Disruptions and glitches are prevented by this. The 14/2 cable is sed for distances up to 40 meters.  The 10/2 is slightly thicker and can therefore be laid over a longer distance. With this heavier 10/2 cable, you can bridge a maximum of 80 meters.

To install a ground cable yourself in 5 steps

You install your ground cable according to 5 steps. It is sensible to create a ground cable plan before installing your ground cable. You create a ground cable plan based on your light plan. Draw the cables in your current light plan. You have to place the cables near your fixtures. Also pay attention to branches of the cable to places that are not easily accessible. The branches are simply connected with the CC-2 cable connector. Please note that the maximum load is 50 watts. Use more cc-2 connectors to spread the load after the connection.

Step 1: switch off voltage.

One thing is important when you want to install lights, Switch off all voltage. This is for your own safety. It is time to start preparing your garden lighting after you have done this.

Step 2: Dig a way for the ground cable

It will be wise to make a slot for your ground cable before you start. The great advantage of the in-lite system is that the ground cable does not have to be buried at least 60 centimetres deep, as is required with 230 volt ground cables. Make it easy on yourself by placing the cables in easily accessible places next to pavements and borders for example. Tip: use a conduit if you are going to lay the ground cable under a terrace. This will enable you to relocate the cable in the event of an extension, disruption or relocation without having to demolish your terrace.

Step 3: to connect your ground cable to your transformer

Connecting your ground cable to your transformer will be the next step of the process. you have to remove a maximum of 1 centimetre of isolation at first. Insert the cable into the socket of the transformer and simply click it into place by pressing down on the clasp. roll out the cable and lay it without applying too much tension. Take into account that the earth may sink into the slot.

Step 4: install your fixtures to your ground cable.

Now it is time to install the fixtures to your ground cable. You will install the fixtures directly to the ground cable with an easy-lock. You can install all fixtures of in-lite at any desired location. It is a modular system which provides maximum flexibility for your garden lighting.

Step 5: test

It will be sensible to test the system before you put the cable in the ground. This is so you don't have to dig up the whole thing when something is wrong. Most of the time, a reason a fixture does not light up (any more) due to the Easy-Lock not being pinned into the ground cable in the right way. Unscrewing it, checking whether the pins are straight and connecting them straight again to the cable is the solution.

Connecting ground cables will be easy thanks to the in-lite system

You can easily and quickly connect your own garden lighting by following the 5 steps mentioned above. The average installation time for a basic system with one or more fixtures is easy to do yourself. The in-lite system is designed in a way that everyone can work safely and without problems. Would you like to know more about the in-lite system and how it works? Have a look over here for even more information.

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